Friday, August 20, 2010

Remembering Our Babies

I've decided that on October 15th, the day to remember our babies I would like to do something special. I would like to release balloons in honor of all our lost angels. If you would like your baby to be honored please email me with the following information:

-Baby's Name
-Birthday and angel date (if different)
-Balloon color preference, please give 2 options
-Special message for your angel
-Your email address so that I may email the photos of your baby's balloon to you.


  1. That is a beautiful idea. I plan on having a giveaway with Mama Mia (Etsy) jewelry on my For Your Tears blog.

  2. I would be honored for you to release a balloon for Meredith Helen Boyette, born 10/03/74 and died 10/06/74. I like pink or lavender, and my email is The message would be my blog name, One Perfect Rose.