Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Naming Rainbow Baby

I know, I know. 7 weeks is too early to be thinking about baby names, but I can't help it. I have to occupy my time so why not? I think I'm about 70% sure that if its a girl her name will be Noel, which means day of birth. The middle names are up in the air. This is what I have so far, with their meanings in paranthesis.
-Journey (a journey)
-Olivia (elf army)
-Morgan (uncertain)
-Autumn (autumn)
-Hope (hope)
-Jordyn (descend)
-Bailey (baliff)
-Eden (delight)
Any one have any suggestions?????

Boys names are the arguments around here. We can never agree on anything. I only found 3 names that I like but no middle names to go with them. Feel free to leave me suggestions for first and middle names for boys.
-Landon (long hill)
-Masen (bricklayer)
-Nathaniel (gift of God)


  1. I like the middle name Hope to go with the first name Noel, I also like Eden and Autumn.

    For a boy my favorite of the three is Landon
    (I like the way it sounds) but I like Nathaniel because of the meaning. (Nathaniel and Feodora mean the same thing; I picked Feo's name for the meaning.)

  2. I LOVE the name Nathaniel!

    Here are a few suggestions of names.. we wrote all of these down while coming up with Serenity's name.

    Aubrey -Meaning; Rules with elf-wisdom
    Celine -Meaning; Moon
    Savannah -Meaning; Open plain, field
    Ophelia -Meaning; Helper
    Trinity -Meaning; Holy Three

    Gabriel -Meaning; Man of God
    Trystan -Meaning; the noisy one
    Leighton -Meaning; Town by the Meadow
    Logan; Meaning; From the Hollow
    Adrien; Meaning; Gods Flock

    I remember picking out Serenity's name.. it was so fun! Enjoy it! :)

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