Saturday, September 11, 2010


 My dad was diagnosed with hepitatis c back in 2006 just shortly after I graduated high school. At that current point in time the prognosis was bad, but he was given 5 to 6 years. 2 years ago he had a liver biopsy done when he had his gallbladder removed. The biopsy showed the hepatits c has turned to cirrhosis (spelling?). This news crushed us all over again. Because my dad was a heavy drinker for quite some time and because of his drug use in his early days he isn't illegible for a liver transplant.
 A week ago he had surgery to repair a hernia and they once again did a liver biopsy. This time it was much worse. Stage 4 cirrhosis. His liver was completely hard and had lumps in it. They sent the biopsy off to be tested for cancer. The initial report came back and they told us there was no cancer but the piece of liver they biopsied was already dead from the cirrhosis.
 He was admitted into the hospital on the 10th because he wasn't feeling well. Tests revealed his ammonia levels were through the roof and that his disease levels had gone from 100,000 6 months ago to 1.8 million! He will be placed with home hospice care starting this Monday.
 I don't know what to do. I lost my Grandpa in May of 2009 to lung/brain cancer, I had to bury my son this past June; I CAN'T bury my Dad, too. It's just to much for me to handle. I know they say that God doesn't give you anything that you can't handle but I seriously think he has made a mistake. How much can one person take? I just feel so alone.


  1. Amber, I am so sorry. ((HUGS)) Keeping you and your father in my prayers.

  2. AMber I am so sorry((hugs)) Keeping you and your dad in my prayers