Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pins and Needles

I never realized before how nerve-wracking it was TTC. I'm supposed to start either tomorrow or saturday (my period was a day off last month) and the waiting is killing me. Will I start? Could I be pregnant this month? AHHHH! I don't wanna go out and buy a test because I did that last month and it was negative and about 2 hours later I started. I do have some early pregnancy signs but nothing concrete: nausea, fatigue, heartburn and acid reflux. I have had some cramping lately too, so IDK if I attribute that to PMS or what. I wish life had a fastforward button sometimes.


  1. u know im praying for ya ;) love u and eli

  2. I would be a MILLIONAIRE if i could figure out how to fast fwd sometimes...good luck this month!! There is no way to tell cause pms and pregnancy are so close sometimes....i knew cause i had NO symptoms of either...with alyssa my boobs gave it away but with this one i had nothing...except headaches and i was EVEN more emotional than before....This is what I noticed after i got a BFP....i just associated the headaches with crying would say it would not hurt to buy the tests especially if your actively ttc...if your AF is due this weekend...wait to test until monday if she doesnt show her ugly face lol