Saturday, September 18, 2010

Productive & bittersweet day

Yesterday was Eli's third month in Heaven.

I got up and drove the 23 miles to MSU and talked with some people about returning to school in Janurary. I thought that I was on academic probabtion b/c I withdrew before mid-terms of my sophomore year. Turns out I wasn't! Great news. I am however on Financial Aid probation, so I have to write an appeal letter to see if I can still receieve financial aid. Hopefully they will approve it and I can go back ASAP, without financial aid I can't pay for school.

I got a call from Lambert's Monuments yesterday, they set Eli's head/foot stone. We went and looked at it last night and it looks beautiful. Now when I go visit him I can look at his face. I tell ya, seeing the words "Our Son" on his footstone brought tears to my eyes. I guess actually knowing that the last thing I can do for my son is complete made my heartache.

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